Espectro para o 5G

Este fórum interativo de um dia examinará os requistiro por trás das exigências de espectro para 5G nas diferentes faixas de freqüência que serão necessárias para atender à estas várias tecnologias.
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Las Violetas de Bronka

"(...) A proposta de fazer um programa com mulheres foi bem acolhida pelas pessoas da Rádio, em geral lhes pareceu interessante(...)". Leia esta entrevista com a Domi...
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Provedor Comunitário

Como Montar e Regularizar um Provedor Comunitário. A ONG ARTIGO 19 reuniu presencialmente vários especialistas para discutir os temas que seriam abordados neste estudo...
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This Web portal created by Nupef is a collaborative information and knowledge space that includes reference information on ICT-related community networking practices. It seeks to be an informational tool on new radio technologies for community use, including follow-up of specific community experiments, regulation and effective deployment. It is maintained in partnership with other organizations and individuals in Brazil and abroad working on the same issues. Nupef has already developed work on spectrum regulation and use in partnership with APC and NGOs in several Latin American countries, and currently implements community networking initiatives in partnership with quilombola communities in the Northern region of Brazil.

The portal is what Nupef defines as collaborative multieditorial. This means that people from various national and international entities and movements, as well as academics, can participate in the Editorial Group (EG) of the portal, which collectively may decide on policies and criteria for content, structure and dissemination mechanisms, as well as publication of multimedia contents related to the themes of the initiative. Social networking mechanisms will be used to facilitate EG work.

A product derived from the content dynamics in the Web portal is a periodic review (in the form of an online newsletter) on relevant issues related to its main focus. Periodic meetings with professionals, activists, experts and other stakeholders will both help bring new ideas and information to the portal and broaden the dialogue on key issues and findings. These meetings will help define and analyze methods and priorities.

The portal allows for multilingual navigation (Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and English). Your multimedia content may be in more than one language (priority is for English, Spanish and Portuguese in no particular order); this does not mean that the content is translated / subtitled, although this may happen in some cases. The multi-stakeholder proposal bears some resemblance to existing successful practices such as Project Noah (documenting wildlife) and CircleID (ICTs and Internet governance).

Nupef's role here is to be a proactive facilitator of the process, taking care of the infrastructure (hosting the Tiwa project, technical support) and the administration of the portal (web design, services and available functionalities etc.) with the support of the EG.

The Nupef Institute proposes a continuous program to serve as a dynamic reference in networking applications at the community level, according to the mission guidelines established in its statutes: to produce, analyze, discuss and disseminate information and knowledge and to develop capacities of individuals and organizations, stimulating, in particular, the innovative use of information and communication technologies (ICTs), which can support sustainable development, human rights, social justice, good governance and democratic values.

Nupef seeks to implement activities that contribute to innovative ICT practices at the local level by civil society organizations, social movements, individuals, local entrepreneurs and local governments. Among these actions is the monitoring of the current regulatory frameworks that affect ICTs in general, especially current spectrum policies and practices, both in Brazil and abroad, with a focus on developing countries. This involves the creation and maintenance of a periodically updated repository of rules and regulations affecting spectrum policies and practices that have an impact on networking initiatives in local communities.

Nupef will continue to actively work on policies and practices related to the use and allocation of spectrum (with emphasis on regulation and policies that affect community networks), and this Web portal has a central role as a repository and interactive space, where it is intended to keep thematic information GE can collect at national and international level.

The original content of this site is under a Creative Commons licence Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) Third parties' content, attributed to other sources, follow licencing of the originating sites, as informed in the specific publications.