Espectro para o 5G

Este fórum interativo de um dia examinará os requistiro por trás das exigências de espectro para 5G nas diferentes faixas de freqüência que serão necessárias para atender à estas várias tecnologias.
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Las Violetas de Bronka

"(...) A proposta de fazer um programa com mulheres foi bem acolhida pelas pessoas da Rádio, em geral lhes pareceu interessante(...)". Leia esta entrevista com a Domi...
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Provedor Comunitário

Como Montar e Regularizar um Provedor Comunitário. A ONG ARTIGO 19 reuniu presencialmente vários especialistas para discutir os temas que seriam abordados neste estudo...
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APC: boletim mensal sobre redes comunitárias e acesso local nº 53 - nov.2022

The session "Lessons Learned from Capacity Building in the Global South" during the 2022 IGF. Photo: Daniela Bello.

The session "Lessons Learned from Capacity Building in the Global South" during the 2022 IGF. Photo: Daniela Bello.

Published on 02-12-2022

A village in South Africa leaps across the digital divide: read this article about Zenzeleni Community Networks and its experience in using low-cost access to the internet to benefit the community. Read more.

TunapandaNET, a community network located in the informal settlement of Kibera, Nairobi, has been at the forefront of the community networks movement in Kenya, advocating for affordable connectivity through community deployment of infrastructure. Read more

From Argentina, two beautiful new videos from AlterMundi offer a combination of grassroots voices, stunning landscapes and powerful reflections about community-led rural connectivity. Watch them here and here. [Available in Spanish]

Under the theme "promoting digital inclusion from local management", the Forum of Community Networks in Colombia gathered different experiences on 21 November, showing that the community networks movement is part of an evolving and vibrant field weaving bottom-up technologies and solutions to the digital divide. The recordings are available on Colnodo's channel here. [Available in Spanish]

Representatives connected with diverse social movements and from different parts of Brazil assembled on 10 and 11 November 2022 at the Internet Community Networks Encounter in São Paulo to discuss their experiences and exchange learning, challenges and dreams. This wide diversity of community-led initiatives issued a joint letter valuing the role of community networks to bridge the digital divide and calling for supportive policy and regulation for community networks in the country. Read more.

Instituto Nupef celebrates the deployment of a new community network in an Indigenous village in the state of Espirito Santo in Brazil. The organisation has already supported the installation of 17 community networks in the country. Read more. [Available in Portuguese]

Meanwhile in India, the Digital Empowerment Foundation is implementing a project called "Community Networks: Connecting the Indigenous Communities of Ziro Valley" in partnership with the Internet Society. Read more. has partnered with Servelots near Bangalore, India, to support a project aiming to connect young girls to the internet through “ASPi”-devices (aspiration networking devices). This blog post gives an insight into the project and the work that is being done. Read more.

A Push Towards Universal Connectivity: This article from the Internet Society explores how governments can help connect the unconnected. Read more

What is the role of African parliamentarians in shaping an inclusive and human-centric digital future? Read more.

AlterMundi’s Semillero de Redes Comunitarias para Postulantes al Programa Roberto Arias (Seedbed of Community Networks for Applicants to the Roberto Arias Programme) won first place in the category of Community Enablement Proof of Concept at the awards presented by IEEE during the Connecting the Unconnected Summit 2022. Learn more about this groundbreaking initiative here [in Spanish] and about the Roberto Arias Programme here [in English]. 

And the Sarantaporo community network in Elassona, Greece was also recognised at the IEEE Connecting the Unconnected Challenge 2022: they won second place in the Business Models Proof of Concept category. Read more.

From the 2022 Internet Governance Forum, in this episode of Local Sound Bites produced by APC, Adugna Necho, president of the Internet Society Ethiopia chapter, speaks about digital inclusion policies and community-based initiatives. Listen here

This article explores the reflections of a workshop focused on policy and regulatory support for digital inclusion in Nigeria. Read more.

The new edition of Global Information Society Watch (GISWatch) is out, focusing on “Digital futures for a post-pandemic world”. Among the various thematic reports included, this one looks at advocacy for community-led connectivity access in the global South. Read more.

Community Networks as Enablers of Human Rights: The official outcome of the Internet Governance Forum Dynamic Coalition on Community Connectivity was just launched during the 2022 IGF. The publication compiles diverse articles about the community networks' achievements around the world. Read more.

The Brazilian Internet Steering Committee – recently launched a comprehensive research report on community networks in the country. The publication “Community networks and the Internet in Brazil: Experiences and challenges for digital inclusion” is now available in English. Read more.

The G20 Compendium of Case Studies gathered 10 experiences organised by segments of digital infrastructure, including one focused on the last mile, featuring community networks and rural shops as Wi-Fi access points. Read more.

This year, the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is happening from 28 November to 2 December in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Among many crucial discussions about the future of internet governance and human rights, various sessions are focusing on how to strengthen bottom-up and community-led initiatives that challenge inequalities. Check out some here and here.

The 2022 Bootcamp organised to close the "Telecommunications and Broadcasting Promotion in Indigenous Communities" programme took place from 12 to 18 November in Colombia. The programme's aim is to enable Indigenous people to create media reflecting their own values. To mark the occasion, a radio celebration was produced by the participants. Check it out. [Available in Spanish].

This journal of the 2022 Bootcamp published by Coolab, from Brazil, offers an interesting reflection about the gathering: isn't contributing to others being able to speak for themselves instead of positioning ourselves as an intermediary the greatest achievement of all? Read more. [Available in Portuguese]

The third edition of the Tanzania School of Community Networks convened by the Kasulu Community Networks Cooperative took place on 1 and 2 November 2022 in Kasulu district, Kigoma Province, Tanzania. The theme for this year's edition was “Digital Literacy Towards Addressing the Usage Gap in Tanzania”. Read more and discover some lessons learned.